A radio announcer at a Country Music station once commented about Vic, 

"This guy has a voice that is so smooth, he must drink a quart of honey before he sings!"  

He was only telling part of the story .. 

Besides having a beautiful ‘dark-treacle’ voice, Vic Alexander is also an accomplished guitarist and bassist, playing both jazz and the Classics. He writes most of his songs, and is a member of the Vancouver Musicians' Association - AFM Local 145.   In his spare time he flies a plane and belongs to several flying organizations in Canada and the USA.

Although he was born and raised in the Fraser Valley (on the BC Mainland) he and his wife now make their home in beautiful Victoria, on Vancouver Island, where they are active members in their Church, and members of the Victoria Symphony Guild. 

After a lifetime in the music industry, Vic has probably played with everyone from
Loretta Lynn and Ferlin Husky to Johnny Smith and Ted Heath. 

This CD features Vic by himself. He does all the instrumentation, harmonics and arrangements. 
His music is best described as 'western swing' (ala Bob Wills.)

And while he doesn’t have the ‘big band sound’ behind him, the
‘Texas Country’ styling is very evident throughout. Even to the surprise hidden track.

About the CD - during the market testing, the most oft heard comment from both guys and gals was, "Awesome!"
Check it out! You’ll be real glad you did!
And like Vic Alexander has always said at the end of every performance,

"Thank y’all for List’nin’!"



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